Qaffal Diver QD10

Qaffal Diver

Swiss Made


Built to accept the most strenuous of challenges, the QD10 is a rugged yet refined timepiece. Manufactured in brushed steel, this dive watch has been designed to be functional, practical and extremely reliable whilst retaining a certain level of simplicity and beauty.

  • A limited edition of only 250 pieces, individually marked on the rear case.
  • 44mm case built from 316L marine grade brushed stainless steel. Used in specialist industries where maximum resistance against corrosion is required.
  • Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides. See through sapphire glass back which allows the owner to view the stunning movement with specialized Qaffal rotor.
  • Qaffal Arabic twelve index.
  • Arabic geometric pattern positioned on the dial.
  • Both crowns of the QD10 house natural pearls certified by Government of Dubai.
  • Waterproof to 300 meters.
  • Power reserve of 5 days.
  • The rotor is customized and shaped in the form of the Qaffal calligraphic logo.

All movements are individually tested and certified by Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, which is the institute responsible for certifying the accuracy and precision of wristwatches in Switzerland. This certification is currently only awarded to 3% of all Swiss watch productions. To earn chronometer certification, a movement must not only be made from the highest quality components, but also be the object of special care on part of the finest watchmakers and timers during assembly.


  • Limited edition of 250 pieces
  • 316L brushed stainless steel
  • 44 mm casing
  • Time & date indication
  • Automatic self-winding.
  • Customized rotor
  • 26 jewels
  • Power reserve 120 hours
  • Frequency 4 Hz (28,800 bph)
  • COSC individually tested
  • Sapphire crystal glass (front & back)
  • Double sided anti-reflective coating
  • Waterproof 300 meters
  • Superluminova indexes & hands
  • Special designed Arabic twelve index
  • Dial with geometric pattern
  • 2 pearls with certification
  • 1 metal bracelet with ratcheting clasp
  • 2 camel leather straps original UAE
  • Teak wooden pearl merchant box with camel leather inlay

Servicing & Warranty

Your Qaffal chronometer is a sophisticated instrument which may be subjected to a wide variety of stresses and strains. Within a very small space 205 components contribute to this exemplary timepiece. Whilst the components of every Qaffal timepiece are made from the highest quality, as with any machine, a certain amount of wear and tear is to be expected. It is particularly important to keep the movement lubricated and any worn components be replaced. Like any precision measurement instrument, your watch must be regularly maintained in order to function at its highest level of potential. It is recommended to service your chronometer every two years, while a major service is recommended every 5 years. Any Qaffal authorized service center is equipped and experienced in servicing your chronometer and will be pleased to complete your service request.


Qaffal watches are water-resistant to varying degrees. The extent of the water-resistance, expressed in meters, atm or bars is a standard value and does not indicate an absolute depth of immersion. The crown and push buttons must not under any circumstances be operated under water or when the watch is wet. This will void the warranty.


The Qaffal leather straps are like all objects of natural skin and their length of life varies considerably according to the conditions they are worn. Water, cosmetics and perspiration accelerate the aging process. A Qaffal metal bracelet is better suited to activities involving frequent contact with water or humidity.


Qaffal watches are constructed out of the finest alloys which have an extremely high corrosion resistance. Regular rinsing in clean water of the metal watch casing and metal bracelet will keep your watch looking it’s best. If your watch has been used in salt water or chlorinated water, it is strongly recommended to rinse the watch in clean water. If the watch is fitted with a leather strap, avoid getting the strap wet wherever possible.


It is important to protect your watch from jarring and knocks against hard objects as well as taking care not to expose them to chemical products, solvents, dangerous gases or magnetic fields.


Your Qaffal wristwatch or chronograph is internationally guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for two years from the date of purchase. For more information on the warranty conditions please check the manual section within the book which you can find in the wooden delivery box.