The Brand

Qaffal in Arabic, means “the return”, often in the context of “the journey back home”. The last journey of the pearling season would involve a race back to the harbor, where family members would gather to welcome back their loved ones. This race was known as “Al Gaffal”. The pearling industry was the main economic activity for thousands of years in the Gulf and the best quality pearls were found in our waters.

The watch brand Qaffal aims to merge Gulf heritage and culture with “haute horlogerie” of mechanical watch making. Local materials and relevance is the inspiration for the design of the watches. A watch is considered the keeper of time which has exactly the same meaning in the word “culture”. These times should never be forgotten and should be passed from generation to generation, ensuring that such an important part of Gulf history is not lost. All Qaffal watches contain a natural pearl born from the Arabian Gulf.

The brand Qaffal has the ambition to develop knowledge, skills and experience of “haute calibre” watch making in this region and start a luxury watch legacy of our own. It is within the vision to invest in using local components and manufacturing and therefore becoming the luxury watch brand of choice for citizens of the Gulf nations.