The Pearl

Pearls are a treasure from the Arabian Gulf and for thousands of years the pearling industry was the main economic activity in the region. Life on board the pearling dhows was extremely difficult and dangerous. These times have shaped the heritage of the gulf nations. Our forefather’s sacrifices created the legacy and constructed the culture as we know and revere today.

No two pearls are exactly the same shape or colour. The combined specific elements of the Arabian Gulf, produced the highest quality pearls which were known and sought after throughout the world. These days, there are very few wild oysters remaining and as a result, the number of natural pearls originating from the Arabian Gulf have become significantly less, making them more rare and exclusive than ever before.

Our future generations should understand the roots of our heritage and we should not allow time to cover our history. It is vitally important to harness our past and it is our duty to ensure future generations are aware of the hardships which our forefathers experienced in order to build the foundations of our land. Qaffal is the only luxury watch brand which aims to preserve and encapsulate our past in a set of beautiful hand crafted timepieces . A Qaffal watch should be passed from generation to generation and in this way, we will keep our culture and our heritage alive.